What Yoga Is To Me

Kindness, unconditional love, a friend who listens without judgement, time suspended, moving meditation.

Yoga is where I find stillness when the world around me feels chaotic. It is the life raft that gets me home when I am miles from shore. It keeps me grounded when I am flighty and laughing when I’m frowning. Yoga lets me see the world from a beautiful perspective, one filled with faith and happiness. It moves me forward and is by far the best self-help therapy I’ve ever had.

I started practicing yoga regularly in 2010. I had just moved to the Tampa Bay area and was coping with mild anxiety and depression, and what I came to know later as self sabotaging thoughts. I didn’t know what to do to make myself feel better except go to yoga. I had a beautiful  friend who joined me on this journey and pushed me along when the waters got rough. The moment I completely surrendered to this practice my life changed forever. I was able to see my truth and find inner peace in my life.

Through my classes, I strive to give students an opportunity to explore yoga as a spiritual practice. Providing them with tools to empower them on their journey and define what yoga is to them.

I am trained in many styles of yoga, but the ones I hold close to my heart and teach are: restorative yoga, gentle flow, guided meditation with crystal sound healing, yin yoga and vinyasa.

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Essential Oils

I began using essential oils as a teenager seeking a natural solution to skin care and later to enhance my massage therapy practice. For the last 18 years, I’ve incorporated essential oils into my daily life. I use oils to help me sleep, during meditation, as perfume or to boost my mood or tame my appetite.

I have seen first hand the benefits of essential oils in healing both physical and emotional conditions. (See my before and after photos of an essential oil remedy applied to road rash.)

As a regular user of oils, quality matters to me. I began researching companies when a friend introduced me to doTERRA, a company that holds their distillation of oils to a high standard.

I was so impressed with the quality of oils that I became a wholesale distributor and use doTERRA’s therapeutic-grade essential oils in my own blends. I teach the benefits and uses of essential oils in everyday life in classes and workshops, including essential oils 101, aromatherapy blending, DIY essential oil remedies and perfume blending.

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We all carry the ability to heal ourselves. I discovered how to tap into my own healing powers through Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing technique where the practitioner channels cosmic energy to clear blockages and facilitate healing in the client. It is natural healing technique developed in Japan in the 20th century. The benefits include stress relief, relaxation and a general sense of calm. Reiki strengthens the body’s own ability to heal itself. The effects of reiki depend of the individual and can vary from treatment to treatment.

I am attuned in reiki level 1 and 2, and currently apprenticing for my reiki master certification. I incorporate reiki in some of my yoga classes and also provide private reiki healing sessions.

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